Thomas Saves The Day

Thomas Saves The Day


Thomas Saves The Day is the 7th episode of the 1st Season.


Thomas is set to work shunting cars in the yard to help him learn all about them.  When shunting, he notices a special train in a siding, comprised of a small unit coach and two cranes - which his Driver explains is The Breakdown Train, used for when there has been an accident to help clear the line.  One day, Thomas is in the yard shunting about when an engine rushes past him with a freight train yelling for help.  The engine was James and this was his first day on the island, the Foolish Freight Cars are pushing him down the line.  Soon after James disappears, an alarm goes off.  Thomas learns that James has crashed, and he's ordered to rescue him with the Breakdown Train.   Thomas is so angry at the cars, he biffs one of them hard into another, thus giving them some value of discipline.  Finally after rescuing James, Sir Topham Hatt gives Thomas his very own Branch Line and two coaches (Annie and Clarabel) as a reward for his hard work.