Terence The Tractor

Terence The Tractor


Terence The Tractor is the 13th episode of the season 1, it was narrated by George Carlin.


Thomas meets a friendly tractor named Terence and mocks Terence's use of his caterpillars. Winter soon arrives, and Thomas is forced to wear an uncomfortable snowplough. Thomas shakes and bangs the snowplough so much that by the end of the day it's too damaged to use again.

The next day Thomas continues his work, without his snowplough, much to his delight. Unfortunately, he quickly comes across a snowdrift and crashes right into it, ending up trapped in the snow. Instantly he begins to regret breaking his snowplough.

A bus arrives to take Thomas's passengers and Terence comes to the rescue, taking Annie and Clarabel away before rescuing Thomas from the snow. Thomas thanks Terence and calls his caterpillars splendid.