• Number: 2
  • First Appearance: Granpuff
  • Gender: Male
  • Stationed: Arlesburgh.
  • Alignme​nt: Bad
  • Class: Bb
  • Designer: null
  • Whyte notation: 0-4-0WT
  • Built at: Fletcher Jennings
  • Came to Sodor: 1919

Smudger, was an American 0-4-0 Fletcher Jennings engine, who rode roughly and was cocky. Duke warned him to be careful, but he just laughed at him. The manager is angry with Smudger's bad attitude, converted him into a generator at the back of the sheds, and left him there as a stationary engine.

Smudger came from the Island of Sodor, and has since become humbled by his experiences. Once a slacker and a showoff, he now does his best to keep busy to be a credit to the Railway. However, he still enjoys showing off on occasion. Despite minor problems for a start, Smudger soon proves to be Really Useful, and is repaired and rebuilt, and is given a new coat of blue paint with red stripes.

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