Season 4 debuted on television in 1993. It is noted for being the last season to air on "Shining Time Station" and to adapt Railway Series material, and also being the last season narrated by George Carlin.

Episode List Edit

  1. Granpuff
  2. Sleeping Beauty
  3. Bulldog
  4. You Can't Win
  5. Four Little Engines
  6. A Bad Day for Sir Handel
  7. Peter Sam and the Refreshment Lady
  8. Rusty Helps Peter Sam
  9. Home at Last
  10. Rock and Roll
  11. Special Funnel
  12. Steamroller
  13. Passengers and Polish
  14. Gallant Old Engine
  15. Rusty to the Rescue
  16. Thomas and Stepney
  17. Bowled Out
  18. Train Stops Play
  19. Henry and the Elephant
  20. Thomas Meets the Queen
  21. Thomas and the Special Letter
  22. Bull's Eyes
  23. Toad Stands By
  24. Fish
  25. Special Attraction
  26. Mind that Bike

New Characters Edit