James Learns A Lesson is the 8th episode of the 1st Season.  It was narrated by George Carlin.

James Learns A Lesson04:54

James Learns A Lesson


James has to pull some coaches with Edward. But when they set down at the station, James is so excited that he accidentally blows steam all over Sir Topham Hatts brand new top hat. The journey is not without mishap either, as James and Edward over-run the platform at a station. Sir Topham Hatt scolds James for his behaviour and threatens to paint him blue if he cannot behave. Cross, he is very rough with his coaches as he prepares for his next train. And when running through the countryside, he bangs the coaches so badly that James makes a hole in the brake-pipe. To his embarrassment, the hole has to be fixed by a reluctant passengers bootlace. Soon after, James takes care of never bumping the coaches again.

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