Henry To The Rescue

Henry To The Rescue


Henry To The Rescue is the 4th episode of the 1st Season.  It was narrated by George Carlin.


Gordon always puuls the big express, he was proud of doing so.  One day he is getting near Henry's tunnel when suddenly, weeeessshhh!  Gordon had burst his safetyvalve.  Sir Topham Hatt sent for another engine and soon Edward came but couldn't push the heavy coaches.  Gordon sugests Henry could have a try so they took down the wall and Henry puffed out and over to the coaches.  They didn't stop until they got to the station.  Sir Topham Hatt promised Henry a new coat of paint. That evening Edward and Henry helped Gordon back to the shed, Henry doesn't mind the rain now, he knows that the best way to keep his paint nice is to ask his driver to rub him down at the end of the day.