"Gordon's Hill" is the nickname of a steep hill between Wellsworth and Maron. It got its name after a new loco named Gordon stalled there while pulling a goods train in 1922.

Over a distance of eight kilometres (five miles), the line climbs around a hundred metres (280 feet) to reach Maron, meaning a gradient of 1:75 and a severe test for engines on the North Western Railway.

"Bankers" are often required to help trains up the hill. They, however, run the risk of being chased by a runaway train - something Duck found out the hard way.

When the railway was first built, this stretch was made even more difficult by strong winds blown in by the sea. This was attempted to be countered by the planting of trees on either side of the line, but in autumn there can be the additional risk of slippery leaves on the line, as James once discovered.


  • There is a real place in London called "Gordon Hill", but this is probably a coincidence.