Gordon the Big Engine
  • Number:: 04
  • Original Number: Unknown
  • First Appearance:: Thomas and Gordon
  • Gender:: Male
  • Stationed:: Tidmouth MPD.
  • Class:: LNER Grelsey Class A0 Pacific (rebuilt with LMS Stanier components and Fowler tender)
  • Designer:: Sir Nigel Gresley
  • Configuration:: 4-6-2
  • Built at:: 1922
  • Came to Sodor:: Mid to late 1922

Gordon is a pompous express engine. He is Flying Scotsman's only remaining brother.


Gordon is an experimental prototype for Sir Nigel Gresley's first class of Pacifics, the A0. He was tested against an GNR Pacific. Once the test had been done, he was sold off to the North Western Railway. He was, until the 1930's, the only engine who could pull the express. However, he caused a lot of trouble when he wanted to. In 1923 he stalled on the hill, which would soon become Gordon's Hill. In 1939, he was sent to Crewe to have a rebuild. This included a new straight running plate, a curved footplate, 6' 6 driving wheels to replace his old 6' 8 driving wheels, and a six wheeled Fowler-designed tender to replace his old-style GNR non-corridor tender. The running plate was of Stanier designs, while the footplate was Sir Topham Hatt's own design. In 1956, He was able to go to London when a locomotive pulling a special express derailed when departing from Barrow-in-Furness. For this he had to use his correct BR Number- 60100. In 1967, Gordon's only remaining brother, the Flying Scotsman, came to visit Gordon and cheer him up. He told Gordon about that on the other railway there is no coal and water. In 1986, Gordon heard that new Diesels on the Other Railway can go 125mph. Gordon boasted that one of his cousins could go 126mph. However, he soon befriended a high speed express train, who was later purchased by the Fat Controller in 2011 for a faster service to London and back. Despite being closely related to the A4 Pacifics, one of them Gordon doesn't get along with too well- Spencer.

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