Edward Helps Out04:31

Edward Helps Out

Edward Helps Out is the 2nd Episode of the 1st Season.  Narrated by George Carlin


Edward is sad because he hasnt been out for a long time.  The other engines are all bigger and stronger, and favoured over him  until one day, the Driver notices how sad he is and decides to take him out for a run.  But Gordon still thinks hes superior to Edward, and boasts about how grand hell look when he rushes through the yard with the Express  only to appear later with a goods train of very dirty trucks!  Later still, Gordon stalls on a hill and Edward has to push him and his train over the top  with very little thanks as Gordon goes speeding off on his own, leaving Edward far behind.  Despite feeling unappreciated, Edward gets his reward when his Driver promises him a smart new coat of paint!

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