Crovan's Gate is a town near a narrow gap in the hills that is the only practicable route into the centre of Sodor from the east. It is the terminus of the Skarloey Railway. Engines come from the North Western and Culdee Fell railways to the works, established in 1915, to be repaired.

The town is named after Godred Crovan, who saved Sodor from a Viking invasion. After a warring band of Vikings landed nearby, they were lured to a small pass which led to the center of Sodor and attacked. The Vikings retreated to their boats, only to find they had all been burnt by another party who had hidden nearby.


The works are possibly the best equipped for steam restoration in the British Isles - they are capable of any repair, overhaul or restoration job for any locomotive on the Island. The works also manufacture steam engines, and Sir Topham Hatt has been looking into the possibility of manufacturing parts for engines on heritage railways. The works are given the name Crovan's Gate Steamworks.

The town's motto is "Ave amicos cave hostes", which, translated, means "Welcome, friends; beware, enemies".


The standard gauge yard is staffed by Wendell, who shunts goods and does odd jobs.

The terminus, sheds, and yards for the Skarloey Railway are located here.